Lenovo Care :            Chennai : 95000 66668     |    Bangalore : 9880363673  |    Hyderabad : 7997272463 |    Mumbai : 7710006883  |    Pune : 9545222237


"Your One Stop for all Repairs"

Lenovo Laptop Service,Repair and Upgrade all Laptops to your needs for compettive prize.
Quick turn around time, most of the services are delivered to customer at Lenovo Laptop Service centers in min. 1 day and max. 2 days . We only charge you for what needs to be fixed. Reasonable price on replacement parts.

Screen Issues

We diagnose the Issue and Repair/Replace the Broken Screen.Lenovo Laptop Service center takes minimum time for the laptop/notebook for display issues.Please bring it into the workshop so we can fix it for a reasonable price with 3 months warranty.

Hard Drive Issues

Is your Hard drive making Noise, Not spinning,No Boot.
No Operating system found, Blue Screen
Warning message to change your hard drive run check disk.
No Bootable device found message at startup.
System running slow.
We can replace your hard drive with a 320gb or 500gb at reasonable cost with 1yr warranty on hard drive on the same day , also backup and restore all the data.In this case the Lenovo Laptop Service centers will have to reinstall all the programs as we may not have disc and license for Softwares, if provided by Customer at Lenovo Laptop Service center we can install the new hard drive.

Power Jack Issues

We Repair and Replace the burnt, broken or faulty Dc jack for any Laptops.We do repairs and replacements at a very reasonable cost.

Hinges Replacement

Hinges broken due to Laptop being dropped or any other causes,We replace the hinges at low cost and quick turnaround time.

Keyboard Replacements

Keys not working or need a replacement keyboard .
Get replaced today at low cost and quick turnaround time.
DVD Drive/Super drive Replacement
CD/DVD not spinning
Drive skipping or not detect by the Windows.
CD/DVD getting scratches while using--!! You need a new drive !!.
Graphic Card Issues
System turns on , No Display.
Fuzzy lines on the screen.
Colored screen while watching Videos.
Pixelated screen after logging on.
Lenovo Laptop issues with the Video Cards.We perform the video card repairs at affordable price with 3 months warranty.

* Fixed price is subject to inspection
* All services carry a 3months warranty and parts carry manufacturers warranty

We Recycle Old Laptops!! We Buy and Sell Used Laptops
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